COVID-19 and Well Beings Studio: We are committed to the emotional well-being of children, teens and families during this unprecedented, difficult time. Let’s READ, FEEL, CREATE, HEAL together.

We began with the Little Green Monster project to help families impacted by cancer and we are growing! Introducing…

Read. Feel. Create. Heal.

Well Beings Studio creates arts-based resources and experiences to support the emotional well being & open communication of children, youth and families going through cancer, other traumas and hardships.
We infuse the values of accessibility, inclusivity, diversity and equity in all of our materials, projects, and community programs.

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The Power of Music: For Children and Families during COVID-19

Listen, she said. You will feel better Mommy. She wove a tapestry of music around me, filled the air with light and sound, joyful this moment, melancholy the next. She allowed time to pass. Fingers move along the range of possibilities. She didn’t wonder if it was...

Making Cancer Magic during COVID-19

What happens when someone you love is diagnosed with cancer? The Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! by breast cancer survivor and parent, Sharon Frances (formerly Chappell), helps families talk about cancer, diagnosis, treatment and the feelings that accompany the...

Mothering and Writing through Cancer

This Mother’s Day, I think about all the ordinary women doing extraordinary things for their family and themselves. For me, it is a time to acknowledge firsts: the first being divorced, the first with all cancer treatments done, the first pandemic, the first home...

Space Exploration: Braving Big Questions through the Arts

I snap my fingers in moon cast shadows on my smooth head. The contours shape me and peel my layers back. My remaining hair falls carelessly into my hands. I sway in starlight as the strands whisk away. I learn to look. My body does not equal disease. I snap my fingers...

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We created a video for their summit that is located in their “video vault” People have to sign in (FREE) to acress the content. Visit their website for more info.

It’s Earth Day! Very Special Well-Being Events in April

I rock back and forth to soothe this body, cut and sewn, poisoned and burned. With my heart open to the rain, I ask its pounding rhythm to soothe me. Pour its buckets of water over my fear. Nothing about this is easy. I sit in back aches, soft cheeks, the sunrise....

Colors, Shapes and Feelings: BRAVE Video Series

In the second BRAVE video hosted by Well Beings Studio, I read My Many Colored Days with the help of my friend Prisma. We explore how to use colors and shapes to talk about emotions. Video Activities include: Book...

From Isolation to Metamorphosis: Slow Art for Children and Teens

This week, I wrote, "I feel forlorn and unmotivated. I am exhausted by 4pm, left with a defeated world at my feet. I can't muster dinner. My tasks are left unchecked. There is no one to rescue me. Rescue us. Rescue all of us. No one. And that is a lonely lonely...

Light, Dark and Shadow: Living through Art and Drama during COVID-19

I remember the day my hair started falling out. I finished an oncology appointment and was standing outside waiting for my ride. I had already buzzed my hair short in preparation. It had taken me several looks in the mirror to grow accustomed to my face without a full...

Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! Our First Arts and Emotions Video. (The BRAVE Series!)

Today, Susan G. Komen Orange County sponsored my book reading and art demonstration video via their Facebook page. I am learning through COVID-19 that we have the strength, persistence and creativity to try new things, explore new normals, and create magical things...

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