Read. Feel. Create. Heal.

Well Beings Studio engages imagination and creative expression to open communication and support emotional well-being of children and their families during cancer, other traumas and difficult times.

We are guided by a commitment to the arts and its role in emotional well-being for families in hardship. We value the creative and trauma-based expertise that our creative developers, educators, therapists and social workers bring to the work. Further, we value the imagination of each child and their family, as they engage in our community arts partnerships, workshops and book readings; play with our games and toys; and interact with our books, videos and websites.

Our Experiences and Resources 

Community Arts Workshops

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Our arts workshops support the emotional well-being of children and youth experiencing hardships like cancer, grief and loss. Hands-on creative activities in an inclusive, safe space, including mindful breathing, drawing, clay, paint, collage, music, movement, and journalling.

Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic!

Published 2018. Available Now!

What happens when someone you love is diagnosed with cancer? Through imagination, creativity and daily joy, the Little Green Monster helps Marie and her family survive and thrive through her mother’s treatment. The book includes cancer and feelings vocabulary, resources and activities.

Little Green Monster Care Duffle

Available Now ! 

Care package for children impacted by cancer, grief and loss. Duffle includes hand-sewn monster friend to complete, emotion stickers, family reading and activity guide, and tips for talking about cancer with children.

Little Green Monster Family Cancer Website

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A website for children, parents, volunteers and cancer support organizations to support the emotional well-being and open communication of families impacted by cancer through creative resources and experiences.

Little Green Monster Children’s App

In Development, Release in 2021

An interactive, arts-infused children’s app for families impacted by cancer, built on the pillars of active learning, meaningful narrative, interactivity, and social/emotional learning.

Scoops of Joy

In Development, Release in Fall 2020

Tamal, a boy with cancer, asks his friends for advice when his bird is sick. Along the way, he learns that he doesn’t have to wait to feel well in order to find and bring joy to others.

Ash and Feather: A Bird/Girl and Her Father’s Cancer

Production at NYU, June 2020

A play for families about endurance, creativity and love told by a young teen phoenix/girl who navigates her father’s brain cancer. She finds support through relationships with her family (duck/ mother and eagle/father), a counselor (hen) and a first love/best friend (hummingbird). Phoenix uses poetry, journal entries, songs, short fables, and art to develop a rich internal sense of self. She rises from the ashes of hardship, where cancer becomes only a minor character in her story.

Wet Wings: Poems through Breast Cancer

Available now!

Poetry and block printing art created during breast cancer to explore and cope with diagnosis and treatment. Themes include body image, death and dying, parenting, escape, and imagination. This book will help adults going through hardship, particularly medical trauma, while also being parents.





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