Monster in Me Album

Monster in Me is a four song album, produced by Well Beings Studio, to explore different facets of being a family during difficult times, such as living through cancer. How can you use the album at home?

  • Play the songs and dance with stuffed animals or fabric.
  • After dancing, talk about the lyrics, such as what questions you have about cancer.
  • Watch Teacher Anthony’s dance tutorials and learn the dance routine that the virtual dance camp learned in the videos below.

You can purchase the Monster in Me album here. All proceeds support Well Beings Studio programs and resources.

Virtual Dance Camp: Monster in Me

July 2020. The Monster in Me Virtual Dance Camp learned dances to each of the songs. Produced in partnership with Active Learning USA.

Learn all the dances on our YouTube Monster in Me Playlist!

Learn the Monster in Me Dances with Teacher Anthony! Remember to bring a stuffed animal or request a Little Monster Friend from us, to dance with through the cancer journey!

Inspired by our Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! Book

Funded by the Handel Sunrise Foundation.