July 2020 / Well Beings Studio seeks cancer-impacted families for a focus group to provide feedback on our innovative, interactive app in development, Little Green Monster: My Cancer Story Quilt.

Families will receive a free prototype of the app, a hard copy of The Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! book, and LGM shirt and hat. In the focus group, we will discuss use of the app, and participate in live art-making techniques related to those in the app. (Example: creating a family quilt with collage and textiles, painting, storytelling, dancing, and drumming.) 

Parents and children welcome. Meetings: July 7 and 21. 4-5pm on Zoom. 

Sign Up by June 30, 2020, https://bit.ly/CancerQuilt

Quilt handcrafted by Diana Curbelo, June 2020.